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My Challenge Code has changed (my License is not activated anymore).

If your previous response code does not work, you can use your REGEN option in your account "My License"  page.
Enter your current Challenge code, it will generate a new response code to activate your license again.

Remark: Voicemeeter Potato License is given for a single PC by a unique Activation code. The Challenge Code is given by the application and is expected to be different on each computer (This Challenge code is pending on your CPU / Motherboard and in some cases on Windows or application version).

This licensing has been designed as an alternative to SAAS model, simpler and cheaper for everyone, it is pending on PC hardware / Installation process only. Instead of obliging you to stay connected to internet to pay every month, our activation code stays valid until you decide to change your PC, and thanks to our donationware model, you can select the smallest price to renew your license.

More info on our forum topic.