Windows operating system


LF-Generator for all types of measures and benches. Standalone Application for Windows using the default playback device in 44100 Hz.

Download LF-Generator now on VB-Audio Freeware page.

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Software Type Audio Measure Application
Operating System Windows
Supported Versions XP, Vista, Win7 to Win11 (32 or 64 bits)
License type Donationware Simple

More info

- Sinus / Triangle / Saw / Square generator.

- 0.1 Hz up to 20 kHz range.

- Stereo or Mono Generator with phase control on stereo signal.

- Sweep mode with 2 directions and cycle mode.

- Signal duration control from 1 ms up to 1000 ms

- Dirac Pulse & Pink Noise.

- Panoramic, DC-Offset, Gain.