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Windows operating system

HIFI-Cable & ASIO Bridge

HIFI-Cable & ASIO Bridge package offers a bit perfect virtual audio cable (for a perfect audio connection between two applications) and the ASIO Bridge App to route HIFI-Cable Input/Output to an ASIO device. Then it is possible to use audio professional devices to listen to any PC-Sound with the best quality, coming from any applications or online services (Media Player, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Netflix, Qobuz...).

HIFI-Cable & ASIO Bridge are distributed as donationware. You pay what you want if you find this application useful. Thanks for your participation! 

Download & User manual: www.vb-cable.com

HIFI-CABLE & ASIO-Bridge are software applications. Its graphic representation is a non contractual artistic illustration

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  • P1 - 05 EUR / USD
  • P2 - 10 EUR / USD
  • P3 - 15 EUR / USD
  • P4 - 20 EUR / USD
  • P5 - 25 EUR / USD
Onetime payment for a permanent license (for a given PC configuration).


Software TypeVirtual Audio Cable (Audio Driver)
Operating SystemWindows
Supported VersionsXP, Vista, Win7 to Win11 (32 or 64 bits)
License typeDonationware Simple

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ASIO Bridge & HIFI Cable typical use case :