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VB-Audio Matrix is a stand alone Application to manage audio devices and audio application routing though an audio matrix. It allows connecting everything together, channel by channel: Several audio devices (ASIO or Windows), Several Applications, Several DAW, Several computers.

VB-Audio Matrix will let you manage up to 3112 x 3112 I/O through different kind of audio interfaces: 7x Physical ASIO, 10x Physical Windows, 8x Virtual Windows I/O, 10x VBAN Streams, 8x Virtual ASIO driver.

Before License purchase, you must have installed and tested the Software Application. 

Download Link :

VB-Audio Matrix is distributed as donationware with an activation code for your PC only. Adjust the license price and enter your Challenge code!

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  • P1 - I'm a fan
  • P2 - I use it occasionally
  • P3 - I use it regularly
  • P4 - I use it professionally
  • P5 - I support the R&D team!
Permanent license for a given PC configuration.

Licensing information

End user, non-profit or educational organizations You can select a price, from P1 to P5, according to your uses and your wish to support the development of VB-Audio products.

Thank you for your purchase and support!
Professional, business You can select a price from P3 to P5 based on your usage and the number of licenses you wish to acquire.

Thank you for your purchase and support!

For distributors and integrators please read the specific conditions in section 3.4 of the general terms of use :

If you require more than 100 units, please contact us to receive a quote customized for your project:
General terms of sale:


Software Type Audio Application / Production Tool
Operating System Windows
Supported Versions XP, Vista, Win7 to Win11 (32 or 64 bits)
License type Donationware For Activation Code

More info

Min Configuration: Pentium PC / Windows XP (SP2)

Recommended Configuration: Windows 10/11 - 64 bits.

Official Web / Download Link :

IMPORTANT: you can always retrieve your Response code is in your webshop account "My License" page!

Challenge Code Information

The Response code will activate your license on your PC Only. If your challenge code is changed (e.g. PC change) you may get another response code. This activation code can be regenerate once in your account “My License” page.