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Windows operating system

MT32-SPLite 32bits

MT32 SoundPad Lite is a 32 tracks audio recorder, player and playout system endowed with a touch screen compatible graphic user interface. MT32 SPlite is an audio production tool dedicated to live environments and operational situations.

The Multitrack Recorder and Player is working as a Studio Multi Track Tape Machine. the integrated SoundPad allows to launch sounds on the fly by Buttons or Playlists.

Before purchasing the license, you must have installed and tested the Software Application. 

MT32-SPLite is distributed as donationware. Adjust the license price and get your activation code now! Download & User manual:

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  • P1 - 05 EUR / USD
  • P2 - 10 EUR / USD
  • P3 - 15 EUR / USD
  • P4 - 20 EUR / USD
  • P5 - 25 EUR / USD
Onetime payment for a permanent license (for a given PC configuration).

Licensing information

For end user and charity associations: Select the price level you want to pay for your license (P1 to P5), thanks for your participation.
For educational / government institutions and non-profit organizations: You may also select the price level P1 or P2, thanks for your participation.
For professional use: Select the price level P4 or P5 (select P3 if buying 10 or more licenses), thanks for your participation.
For distributors / integrators: Select the price level P3 or above. You will be allowed to resell each license purchased as specified in section 3.4 of our general terms:
For Volume License (> 100 units): Above 100 units, you can contact us to obtain a better Quote / Offer more suited to your project. Follow the instructions on this page:
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Software TypeAudio Application / Production Tool
Operating SystemWindows
Supported VersionsXP, Vista, Win7 to Win11 (32 or 64 bits)
License typeDonationware For Activation Code

More info

Min Configuration: Pentium PC / Windows XP

Requirement: ASIO Driver

Official Web / Download Link : 

WARNING: MT32-SPLite version is without "Project Manager". 

IMPORTANT: you can always retrieve your Response code is in your webshop account "My License" page!

Challenge Code Information

The Response code will activate your license on your PC Only. If your challenge code is changed (e.g. PC change) you may get another response code. This activation code can be regenerate once in your account “My License” page.